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Family Literacy Night A Great Success Again: Thank You Volunteers

posted Mar 15, 2014, 6:10 AM by Unknown user

Literacy Coach Kathy Provost wrote:

Dear Dr. Lyons and Dr. Fortuna,

Thank you for tweeting the evening and attending for as long as you could, Dr. Lyons!  Dr. Fortuna, thanks for your support even though you had several evening meetings to attend! 

I am writing to you both to let you know about the "village" it took to make last night's Annual Family Literacy Night so successful!  The reading specialists, coaches and Karen spent many meeting hours and after school hours planning and revamping our evening so that it aligned well with our current reader's workshop model so that parents could have a more cohesive experience with a comprehension strategy.  Many of the teachers on the list helped with this coordinated effort by planning either a read aloud or an activity the parents and students experienced as one strategy.  Other teachers volunteered at the registration table, the free book table, the make a book table, and our principals and Karen manned the snack table, even without napkins:).  Principals also made a couple of All-Calls to remind everyone to come.   Many teachers who were not able to attend donated the healthy snacks for our families. 

Our performer, Mr. David Polansky wowed the crowd with a very engaging performance that had children and their parents dancing, singing, and even learning some very sophisticated vocabulary through some very engaging songs.  It was great to have him back in Hudson!

As you know, the DPW and police department were extremely helpful in preparing as many parking spaces as possible!  Hannafords, BJ's, and Market Basket donated water or gift certificates for snacks, as well.  Our Home and School Associations helped the Arts Alliance with funding for our entertainment. 

We estimated that we had between 200 and 250 people attend.  We couldn't have made this such a successful night without the help of each and every person on the list below.  It was truly an evening to remember! 

Sincerely,  Kathy

 Family Literacy Night Volunteers 2014

 Lori Belcourt

Beth McNulty

Lauren O'Brien

Catherine Murphy

Anna Knight

Katelyn Terranova

Cassia Freitas

Mairin Gulliver

Alexanne Whitney

Aubrey Andreozzi

Pat Bergeron

Jen Volpicelli

Lisa Lewis-Kane

Paige Lewis-Kane ( HHS student)

Lisa Hastings

Dorothy Kramer

Alice Poirier

Carole Dunlap

Heather Fisher

Judy Hamilton

Donalene Groom

Lisette Zinner

Stacy MacLeod

Jen Letourneau

Libby Renner

Dave Champigny

Mary McCarthy

Karen Martin

Sharon MacDonald


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