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HHS Student Writers Place in the MA Scholastic Art and Writing Awards 2015

posted Feb 2, 2015, 5:25 PM by Hps Webmaster   [ updated Feb 2, 2015, 5:26 PM ]

Congratulations to our Hudson High School student writers who placed in the Massachusetts Scholastic Art and Writing Awards 2015. Many students received honorable mentions, and Silver and Gold Key awards. We are so proud of our students who competed with thousands of students from across the state. Our Gold Key Award winners will have their work go on to New York City for the national competition. Below is a list of students who placed in the writing competition:

  • Edward Andrews (senior): Silver Key - Memoir (college essay) - "Workshop Wonders"
  • Dakota Antelman (freshman): Silver Key - Journalism (editorial) - "Why Homophobia Is Still a Problem in Sports," published in December edition of The Big Red
  • Jude Casimir (senior): Gold Key - Poetry -  "About You" and Honorable Mention - Short Story - "Working in Shifts"
  • Jenna Currie (sophomore): Honorable Mention - Short Story - "Loss"
  • Paige Erdige (junior): Honorable Mention - Poetry - "5 Poems"
  • Allie Falcone (freshman): Honorable Mention - Short Story - "Something Different"
  • Alexis Hire (senior): Silver Key - Memoir (college essay) - "The Adult I Want to Be"
  • Alicia Lowden (senior): Silver Key - Poetry - "Words"
  • Tristan Marsh (senior): Honorable Mention - Memoir (college essay) - "Following in My Family's Footsteps"
  • Sami O'Toole (senior): Honorable Mention - Memoir (college essay) - "Carrying My Cross"
  • Tim Person (eighth grade): Gold Key - Flash Fiction - "Ink"
  • Amanda Quinn (senior): Gold Key - Poetry - "Poetry"
  • Alex Schley (senior): Honorable Mention - Memoir (college essay) - "Catching Up"
  • Austin Temple (eighth grade): Honorable Mention - Memoir - "Snowboarding"
  • Thaya Zalewski (sophomore): Silver Key - Poetry - "Four Poems"