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District Improvement Plan

What We Believe

Learning and Growth- We believe that both student and adult learning must be attended to. We believe in the potential of all students to grow continuously and to develop the scholarship, critical thinking skills, independence, and personal responsibility required for success in school, career, and life.  We believe that every adult must strive to continually develop their professional practice as well as play an active role in the
Spanish class students working in groups.
professional learning of their colleagues.

High Expectations-
We believe in rigorous academic standards for students and rigorous professional standards for educators. We have high expectations for students’ academic, ethical, civic, and social and emotional development. We have high expectations for educators’ professionalism and commitment to their own learning, growth and professional practice.

We believe that at the district, school, and classroom levels, we must hold each other accountable for meeting goals, benchmarks, and fulfilling the high expectations that we have for every member of the Hudson Public School community.

We believe that learning expectations must be consistently rigorous across schools, grades,
courses and classrooms. Students, parents and educators must know what the expectations and responsibilities are for each of their roles. 
Elementary students working on math.