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In partnership with families and community, we will maintain standards of academic excellence, preparing all students to be intellectually curious, academically confident, and successful active citizens in a competitive and global environment. 

Superintendent's Reports

  • Superintendent's Report - 12/20/2016 Meetings 12/13/16       Principals’ Team Meeting                     ·         MCAS 2.0 Conference Call ·         School Report Cards ·         Translations ·         Secretary’s Lunch ·         Building Issues 12/13/16       School Committee Budget Meeting                      ·         Focus on Middle School        12/14/16       DLT                                                                      ·         Focus on Special Education     Budget I sent the following message to the District on December 9, 2016. I cannot believe that it is December already and time to provide a first budget update. Unfortunately, the fiscal news is not great but I am committed to being open and honest about what is happening in the budget process so that rumors and uncertainty are alleviated as much as possible. It seems that every year at this stage of budget development, we are discussing cuts. This ...
    Posted Dec 21, 2016, 12:45 PM by Hps Webmaster
  • Superintendent's Report - 12/2/16 Budget Much of the work occurring at this time of year is around the development of the FY18 budget.  Though the School Committee is well aware of the following information, I would like to share it with the members of the public who may be viewing from home.This early in the year, the FY18 budget is dependent on assumptions and forecasts for which we do not have sufficient financial data from FY17 to back up. Therefore, we create a budget based on our knowledge of what has happened in FY16 and FY15. Each subsequent forecast provides us with better data regarding spending in areas such as utilities, special education, and personnel.The increased accuracy of this information will allow ...
    Posted Dec 5, 2016, 5:31 AM by Hps Webmaster
  • Superintendent's Report - 11/10/2016 Budget The Town has told us to expect a 2% increase over our funding last year.The remainder of Town departments are operating with a 1.77% request.Patricia Lange, Executive Director of Finance and Operations, will be presenting what that 2% increase looks like in relation to the budget. She will also be presenting a very preliminary draft budget including the School Committee’s highest priority budget additions at Tuesday’s meeting. Elections I would like to offer my sincere appreciation to the custodial and maintenance staff who prepared the voting precincts in 4 out of our 5 schools.On the day of voting, all citizens were able to easily access the polls. Our educators adjusted their parking patterns ...
    Posted Nov 13, 2016, 10:26 AM by Hps Webmaster
  • Superintendent's Report - 10/21/16 Budget As the Committee may be aware, we do not engage in zero-based budgeting in Hudson. Each responsibility center is given an allocation based on enrollment.The FY18 per pupil amount provided to each responsibility center was the same as it was in FY17 and reflected the changing enrollments across schools and grade levels.Mrs. Lange and I have met with each individual member of the District Leadership Team (DLT) to understand their budget requests, beyond their allocations, and to ask any clarifying questions.The entire team met together to hear the additional requests made by their colleagues and to understand why those additional requests were made.Administrators are preparing their budget packets to be presented to the School ...
    Posted Oct 23, 2016, 6:48 PM by Hps Webmaster
  • Superintendent's Report - 10/7/16 Leadership Team Update Analyzing Teaching for Student Results (Element 4D-2; District Improvement Goals 3 & 4) The District Leadership Team held its second session of Analyzing Teaching for student results on Wednesday, October 7th. The learning outcomes identified for participants were: ·         Determine a goal for our next steps in strengthening our individual identities as an instructional leader; ·         Explain 13 planning decisions that guide the design of daily lessons; ·         Distinguish between a mastery objective and a thinking objective; ·         Collect and analyze evidence of:          o    a teacher’s planning o    the alignment of stated objectives to lived objectives o    the teacher’s or indirect communication about objectives o    identify components of a teachers repertoire for framing the learning and the importance ...
    Posted Oct 8, 2016, 7:06 PM by Hps Webmaster
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Jodi Fortuna

Jodi Fortuna, Ed.D
Superintendent of Schools

This evening (10/25/16) I informed the School Committee that I would not be seeking an extension of my contract beyond June 30, 2017. I have cherished the nine years that I have spent in Hudson, both personally and professionally.

 During the past three years, that I have been superintendent, we have implemented universal, free full day kindergarten while entering a partnership with CHAPS Inc. that allows every family in Hudson an affordable choice for preschool education, added mental health supports for our most struggling students, and finished the first phase of the development of a rigorous curriculum. None of this would have been possible without the support that the Hudson community shows for the education of all students and the strong team of educators that serves this community.


I will be with the District until the end of June and look forward to continuing the important work planned for this school year. With the provision of my notice not to seek an extension of my contract so early in the school year, the school committee is well positioned to begin the search for the newest Superintendent of the Hudson Public Schools. This is the opportune time to find the best individual to build on our successes. The School Committee will provide frequent updates about the process for selecting the new superintendent.  The Committee and I will work together to insure a seamless transition so that the forward momentum of the District will continue uninterrupted.


Thank-you for your continued support of the Hudson Public Schools.



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