Superintendent's Report - 10/21/16

posted Oct 23, 2016, 6:46 PM by Hps Webmaster   [ updated Oct 23, 2016, 6:48 PM ]
  • As the Committee may be aware, we do not engage in zero-based budgeting in Hudson. Each responsibility center is given an allocation based on enrollment.
  • The FY18 per pupil amount provided to each responsibility center was the same as it was in FY17 and reflected the changing enrollments across schools and grade levels.
  • Mrs. Lange and I have met with each individual member of the District Leadership Team (DLT) to understand their budget requests, beyond their allocations, and to ask any clarifying questions.
  • The entire team met together to hear the additional requests made by their colleagues and to understand why those additional requests were made.
  • Administrators are preparing their budget packets to be presented to the School Committee for the Committee’s final decision making over the course of the next month.
  • You have received completed budget packets via the same email in which you received the packet for this meeting.
  • Hard copies of the budget packets will be available for you Tuesday evening.
Clinical Psychologist
  • On October 20, 2016, the candidate for the District-wide clinical psychologist position visited the District.
  • Each building Principal chose who s/he thought were the key stakeholders in his/her building regarding mental health support for students.
  • The candidate visited each school and met with stakeholder groups with the goal of allowing a large group of stakeholders to meet the candidate, in their school settings, to determine if she is a good fit to provide mental health assessment, diagnosis, treatment and crisis intervention services for children and adolescents with a broad range of mental health issues, as well as determine if she has the skill set to collaborate and consult with school-based teams and outside providers to plan and direct each client’s in-school treatment program.
  • Schedule for the Day

o    8:00-8:45                             Cathy Kilcoyne, Director of Student Services                      

o    9:00-10:00                           Elementary Principals & Key Stakeholders                           

o    10:15-11:15                         Middle School Leadership & Key Stakeholders                   

o    11:30-1:00                           High School Leadership & Key Stakeholders                     

o    1:00-1:30                             Debrief with Jodi Fortuna and Cathy Kilcoyne                     

  • The outcome of a successful visit will be the hiring of a clinician to move the mental health support options available to students to the next level. 
  • If the visit is unsuccessful, this position will remain unfilled until the 2017-2018 school year due to a lack of viable candidates this year.
  • The Principals, Cathy Kilcoyne and I will meet on October 31st to debrief the visit and determine if the candidate is a good fit. 
Curriculum Review Task Force

The District held our first full-day training of the curriculum review task force thanks to the leadership of Karen Martin, Todd Wallingford and Leslie Knight with the tremendous support of all of the District’s curriculum leaders. The team of twenty-two educators are committed to doing the work of taking a good curriculum and making it great. The members of the task force were highly engaged and the room was filled with productive conversation. I had the opportunity to chat with several educators during the break who were really excited about the work and the beginning of the next phase of curriculum work. 


All enrollment numbers are up to date as of the writing of this report. They are unofficial numbers. The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education collects snapshots of enrollment data three times per year October, March, and June. I will provide you with monthly enrollment numbers so that you can be aware of the amount of fluctuation that may or may not be occurring on a monthly basis.


































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