Superintendent's Report - 11/10/2016

posted Nov 13, 2016, 10:26 AM by Hps Webmaster
  • The Town has told us to expect a 2% increase over our funding last year.
  • The remainder of Town departments are operating with a 1.77% request.
  • Patricia Lange, Executive Director of Finance and Operations, will be presenting what that 2% increase looks like in relation to the budget. She will also be presenting a very preliminary draft budget including the School Committee’s highest priority budget additions at Tuesday’s meeting.
  • I would like to offer my sincere appreciation to the custodial and maintenance staff who prepared the voting precincts in 4 out of our 5 schools.
  • On the day of voting, all citizens were able to easily access the polls. Our educators adjusted their parking patterns so that plenty of parking was available to voters across all sites.  
  • Our students and teachers experienced a wide-range of emotions following the elections. I commend all of our educators for the professional way in which they handled the important discussions with our students.

·         The following is the text of an email that I sent to the District on Wednesday:

“Dear Colleagues:

With the election behind us, today may be proving to be an even more challenging day in our schools than we might have imagined.  Great polarity in political views exists in our nation and in our schools.  You likely have your own strong feelings about the outcome of this election - I know I do. 


What I would also highlight is that this past presidential campaign has shown more than ever that we need to come together for the good of the entire country. There has been so much fear and hate in this campaign, that I ask you today to let our students know that we care about them and we will continue to care for, support, and keep them safe while we also open the doors of opportunity that are here for them in this great country. We will marginalize none.


I write this morning to remind you, our educators and role model for students, to encourage students to be respectful of the opinions others. I know you will exercise good judgment and care when it comes to sharing your own political views.


Today, I would reassure our students and their families that in Hudson we hold the standard high for civility and respect. As a community both inside our schools and outside our schools we value collaboration, cooperation, and active citizenship.


Finally, as you transition back to the normalcy and comfort of your daily routine, know our students find great safety and security in knowing that life goes on as they know it. If any student is exhibiting additional anxiety surrounding the election, please reach out to the student support staff, in your school, for guidance and support.”


Clinical Psychologist
  • At our last meeting, I informed you of the process we were using to hire the key position of a clinical psychologist for the District.
  • The Principals, Cathy Kilcoyne and I met on October 31st to debrief the visit and determined that the candidate is a good fit. 
  • Ms. Kilcoyne is currently in the process of vetting the candidate through references. Pending a satisfactory reference check, we will be offering the position to Dr. Kristen Aberle.
  • We would hope to have Dr. Aberle begin in the Hudson Public Schools after December break.
  • Dr. Aberle’s resume is included in your packet for your review.
Curriculum Review Task Force
  • Our task force members provided outstanding professional development on the curriculum review process to their colleagues during our November 8th professional learning day.
  • I want to extend my appreciation to the task force for their hard work and energy that they are bringing to this project.
  •  I observed the process at the elementary level and was so impressed with how in-sync the presentations were at each grade level.
  • This work will have tremendous value to the District in years to come. The team of curriculum directors have done an outstanding job organizing this work.
District Leadership Team
  • The District Administrator Council, a group of five administrators elected by their peers, have been taking a key role in partnering with me to plan District Leadership Team meetings so that the important work that all educators in the District are doing is sustainable and the District at all levels is well-positioned for a new leader next year.
  • Leadership Team agendas will continue to be included in your packets so that the Committee is aware of the work that is occurring when the administrators meet.
  • The agenda from our 11/2/16 Meeting is included in this packet.


All enrollment numbers are up to date as of the writing of this report. They are unofficial numbers. The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education collects snapshots of enrollment data three times per year October, March, and June. I will provide you with monthly enrollment numbers so that you can be aware of the amount of fluctuation that may or may not be occurring on a monthly basis.


































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