Superintendent's Report - 6/17/16

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Leadership Team Update
District Leadership Team Meeting

Given the incredible demands placed on our administrators at the end of the year, we have not been meeting as a full leadership team. Instead, we have been working as an Executive Leadership Team to plan our summer retreat so that it is most valuable for the learning and growth of our team and the District. We will be using the core texts “From Good to Great” and “From Good to Great in the Social Sectors” to inform our work.

I would like to invite the School Committee to join us in reading these books, as this is the common understanding and vocabulary that administrators will be using to guide our work moving forward. Copies of the book will be provided to you. In September, there will be a book group with administrators for those of you that choose to participate. (4D-2)

Hopefully, this will be the first of two book groups that the School Committee participates in this year. I spoke with Town Executive Assistant, Tom Moses, this week and told him that I would like to invite our Committee and the Board of Selectmen to participate in a joint book group to read the book “Our Kids” by Robert Putnam. Mr. Moses was excited and I will be extending an invitation to the Board of Selectmen once the new school year starts. The goal would be to hold our book group for “Our Kids” in January.

Finance and Operations

School Improvement Plan Update

The Committee will be hearing from the building Principals on their School Improvement Plans at our meeting. Copies are included in your packets. (2C-1)

Final Budget

The Committee will be voting a final budget for FY17 at our meeting. (2E-1) I will be asking the Committee to pass a balanced budget with one additional, potential cut. If, when our books close in July, we realize an additional $100,000 in savings (which is a possibility), I will ask the Committee to authorize me to reinstate the new position of clinical psychologist that needed to be cut in order to pass a balanced budget on Tuesday.

Lunch Notices
In lieu of report cards, students with lunch balances over the cap set by School Committee policy and students with outstanding debts at any of our schools will receive a notice telling them that their report cards, schedules, and class assignments will be withheld until their debt is paid to the District. This is the result of the School Committee Policy EDGA which was enacted last year. (2E-1) 


Mrs. Lange and I met with the bus company regarding our concerns with communication around recent events. The owner of North Reading Transportation was very responsive to our concerns. I believe that after our meeting the company will be more responsive to our needs.

The Committee should be aware that our dismissal times, for the last day of school, needed to be adjusted based on the High School exam schedule. In prior years, only one exam was proctored on the last day of school resulting in a 9:00 a.m. dismissal. Given the extra reverse half days to accommodate the High School MCAS schedule, the High School Administration wanted to maximize the students’ time in school to meet state requirements. The result is that the first exam for students was administered on Friday during a full day of school. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, two exams will be given to students and the typical high school exam half day will be in effect. The 11:00 a.m. dismissal that happens on these days necessitated that the middle school and elementary school drop offs be adjusted in order to get the busses to Hudson High School in a timely manner. The dismissal times for each level are as follows (3C-1):

Quinn Middle School:            10:30 a.m.

ALL Elementary Schools:      10:55 a.m.

Hudson High School:             11:00 a.m. for students with transportation

                                            11:30 a.m. for students riding the bus

Curriculum and Instruction Update
June 16, 2016

I am writing this on Thursday, June 16th. This is the momentous day for our curriculum completion and marks the end of several years of hard work by our teachers and administrators. Curriculum is mapped to the unit level in all subject areas, with the exception of math at the secondary level. Math at the secondary level is not complete to allow for the adoption of the standards-based Eureka math program.

The next phase towards the establishment of a common framework for curriculum and instruction in order to bring coherence to academic language, instructional practices and professional learning to insure that learning is rigorous for ALL students PreK-12 (DIP #1) is to implement and establish our curriculum review and reflection protocol which we will be prepared to launch in September. (1A-1)

Superintendent’s Items of Interest
High School Data

The Committee had asked if Dr. Reagan could provide them with data regarding our 2016 graduates and the success of the first 8th grade cohort not to have a teaching team structure in place. We had hoped to have this information for you at this meeting, however the quick turnaround time is proving to be difficult. Dr. Reagan will have this information to present at our July 19th meeting.

SEPAC Update June 9, 2016

At this time, SEPAC has no formal officers or consistent leaders.  The following summary has been completed by the Director of Student Services to track discussion. 

A group of 4 parents attended the June 9, 2016 SEPAC meeting held at 155 Apsley Street in the School Committee room at 6:00pm. The group of parents read and made proposed changes to the by-laws.  The group will vote the by-laws at the next meeting, August 29, 2016.  This meeting will be held at the Hudson Administration building at 6:00 p.m.  An agenda for the meeting has been planned.  Items include vote on the by-laws, plan a Sensory Sensitive movie event for October 1, 2016 and prepare for the start of the school year.  The following dates have been identified for meeting for the 2016-2017 school year: August 29, 2016, October 13, 2016, November 17, 2016, February 9, 2016 and April 6, 2016.  A Basics Rights workshop is tentatively scheduled for the October 13, 2016 meeting.


We have invited this year’s District retirees to join us at Tuesday’s meeting so that the Committee can recognize them for their years of service to Hudson and our students. The 2015-2016 Hudson Public Schools Class of Retirees:

Azevedo, Alberto



12 years

Campbell, Linda



30 years

Gratton, Elaine



9 years

McKenna, Elaine



20 years

McMahon, Betty



20 years

Vacchina, Peter



17 years

Vigne, Ann



8 years

Faculty Awards

Normally this is where I would share with you the names of faculty members who received awards at our closing of the 2015-2016 school year but, we are a day early. There will be four awards presented, in the following categories tomorrow to some very deserving faculty members:

Teacher Leadership Award

Educators are teachers, scholars, professionals, and life-long learners. This award is meant to recognize educators who have instructional responsibilities that seek out and take advantage of opportunities for professional, personal, and scholarly advancement in order to enhance their knowledge and skills. These educators develop materials and methods that can be replicated, shared and used by colleagues to advance the professional learning of colleagues and enhance the learning of students.

Mindset Award

The Mindset Award is meant to honor educators that embody the idea of a growth mindset.  Educators that hold a growth mindset believe that they never stop learning and growing. They believe that there is always a way to improve their practice. Individuals that embody this mindset persist despite setbacks and view those same setbacks as challenges to improve. They are drawn to challenges and persevere through them. They are resilient and motivated. Educators with this mindset instill this belief in their students as well.


Curriculum and Instruction Award

The Curriculum and Instruction Award is meant to recognize educators who have demonstrated outstanding professional practice while implementing a department, school or District initiative. This award may also recognize an educator that took a professional risk that resulted in improved learning outcomes for a group, class, department, grade, or school.


By the Numbers:  June 7-June 21, 2016 (Element 3C-1)

              42  email conversations (at least 3 exchanges in conversation)

              98  email exchanges (no more than 2 exchanges in each interaction)

              4    tweets to 837 Followers

              2    Central Office Listserv messages

              11  meetings with individual staff members

              3    meetings with individual Administrators

             10   meetings with groups of Administrators

             1     group presentations for new SIS

             3     new hire interviews

             1     Secondary ELL Ceremony

             2     School Committee member meetings

             4     parent meetings

             1     quarterly meeting with Tom Moses

             1     HEA meeting

             1     Para Association meeting

             1     AVC Board Meeting

             1     subcommittee meeting