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MA Associations Lobby for More Education Funding

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MA Associations, including Superintendents, School Committees, Mass Municipal Association and others request the publics help in securing more funding for local education in FY15. Please contact Senator Eldridge, James.Eldridge@masenate.gov and Representative Hogan Kate.Hogan@mahouse.gov and voice your support for the legislative actions listed at the following link:

Bulletin: Joint House-Senate Resolution Would Boost Aid for FY15

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On Wednesday, the MA House and Senate agreed to a resolution that would increase both Chapter 70 funding and unrestricted local aid by more than $400,000. This is a very positive development, especially in the context of this week's updated financial projection presented to School Committee on Tuesday.

FY15 Budget Forecast Updated March 11th

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Finance Director Patricia Lange presented a revised budget forecast to the Hudson School Committee on March 11th. Forecasts are adjusted periodically to reflect new information in regard to anticipated revenues and spending in the current fiscal year. The new forecast projects a slightly smaller deficit in the School Committee approved budget and Level-Services budget.
November projected deficit of $1,274,826 in Approved Budget now projected to be $1,064,845.
November projected deficit of $898,405 in Level Services Budget now projected to be 688,424.

Although this remains a very serious budget situation, this new projection is in a positive direction. Please see attached.

Fees Charged Across State, Transportation, Activities, Athletics

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The most recent survey of fees charged by schools has been posted to the documents section below.

New Budget Book Posted to Documents

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The FY15 Preliminary School Budget, voted by the School Committee on January 23, 2014 has been posted to the Documents section of this page.

Mid Wach Athletics Fees Added to Documents List

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Hudson's Athletic Conference

MA Superintendents Release Report On Fixing School Finance

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The Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents (MASS) formed a School Finance Taskforce that reviewed the status of school funding for this state, released a report and made recommendations endorsed by the association in 2011.  That report influenced the position of the association in discussions with partner organizations interested in improving elementary and secondary education in the state, and to the legislature for fiscal years 2012 to 2014.  

Budget Forum Draws Crowd

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Last night's Budget Forum drew more than 125 parents and community members and was also attended by School Committee members, Selectmen, Finance Committee members, and Representative Kate Hogan. School Committee Chair, Susan Dunnell welcomed participants and introduced School Committee members.

Superintendent of Schools, Kevin Lyons, made a slide presentation outlining the serious deficit that the schools face for the next school year and outlined reasons for the deficit, potential impacts that may be required by program and personnel reductions, and the budget process followed by the administration and School Committee.

Representative Hogan spoke about the process on Beacon Hill that will transpire over coming months. Many groups are calling on the House to increase aid to towns for education and other essential services (Statement of the MA Municipal Association).

Parents and residents offered suggestions to increase revenues and cut expenses. The Forum was simulcast on HUD TV and a number of questions came from home viewers.

Link to MetroWest story by Jeff Malachowski

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