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Health Services

Consistent with Hudson Public School's Core Values and Goals, the Hudson Public School Nurses promote students' well-being in order to support their readiness to learn.  Children learn best when they feel well, safe, energetic, and happy.  The Nurses partner with students, families and staff to identify, prevent and manage health barriers to learning.  
Department Personnel

 Name    Position Email Phone
Ellen Capstick, BSN, RN,  NCSN Resource Nurse   (978) 618-8916
Kathy Charette, M.Ed., MSN, RNRegional School Nurse (978) 567-6190 x21122 
Natalie Coffey, 567-6190
Lee Waingortin, BSN, RN,NCSN,
Director of 567-6190 x21123

School Nurses at Buildings:

 NameSchool Email Phone
Pam Angenent,Med, BS, RN Farley 567-6153 x31191
Sue Bowen,BSN, RN, NCSN Hudson High 567-6250 x13145
Lyndsey Daley, BSN, RN Quinn Middle School

Farley Elementary
(978) 567-6134 (QMS)
(978) 567-6153
x31190 (Farley)
Pat Emmons,BSN, RN, NCSN    Hudson High School (978) 567-6250 x13144
Laura Olivo, BSN, RN, NCSN Mulready Elementary (978) 567-6153 Option 4
Maria Rossini, MSN, RN, FNP    Quinn Middle School    (978) 567-6134
Christie Vaillancourt, BSN, RN,
 Forest Avenue School    (978) 567-6190 Option 2

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