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Frequently Asked Questions About Kindergarten Registration

What age does my child have to be to be registered for kindergarten?
Your child must be 5 on or before August 31, 2020. There are no exceptions regarding entrance age requirements.

How do I know what school my child will be attending?
On the bottom of this page you will see files that have pictures of maps of the attendance neighborhoods for each school. By looking at the map you should be able to get a general idea of which district you reside in (You may have to zoom in on the map to make it larger). If you are unsure, after looking at the maps, you may call Tiago DuarteDistrict Registrar at 978-567-6100 ext-41153.

Will my child get a bus?


        All kindergarten students living more than 1 mile from their assigned school will be eligible for                    transportation to and from school.

How do I register my child for kindergarten?

 Go to, click on “Parents/Students”, click on “Kindergarten Registration”.  Please read all of the registration information.

 Print out the enrollment packet or email to request a packet be mailed to you.  Please include your name and address in the email.  You may  also call 978-567-6100 ext-41153.

 Complete the packet, make sure you have all the documents listed on the document checklist below.

Make an appointment to submit your completed enrollment packet with required documentation by going to or by calling Tiago Duarte at 978-567-6100 ext-41153.  This appointment will take approximately 15 minutes.  Dates of the  appointments are:

Tuesday 2/25/20, Wednesday 2/26/20 and Friday 2/28/20 

 Tuesday 3/3/20 and Thursday 3/5/20

Monday 3/9/20, Wednesday 3/11/20 and Friday 3/13/20

 Tuesday 3/17/20 and Thursday 3/19/20

Required Medical Information
Physical Exam: Copy of child’s most recent physical exam from 2019-2020
Vision Screening: documentation of distance acuity AND stereopsis
Lead Screening: documentation AND results
Immunization Record: Must be up-to-date showing:

DTaP/DTP             5 doses                  Polio                       4 doses                  Hepatitis B            3 doses
MMR                     2 doses                  varicella 2 doses

FYI: If you do not have a copy of your child’s immunization record, vision screening or physical at home, please obtain one from your doctor to submit with the completed enrollment packet. These may also be  faxed to 978-567-6103


Document Checklist

p  HPS Student Registration Packet

p  Student birth certificate or passport

p  Medical records including immunizations and last physical exam

p  2 required documents to prove residency.  (see Residency form for details)

Please contact Tiago Duarte @978-567-6100 ext-41153 or via email at  
with any registration questions.

Where do I find out about kindergarten curriculum expectations?

Information about  kindergarten learning experiences can be found on this website under the curriculum tab. The kindergarten curriculum will be aligned with both the Kindergarten Learning Experiences Guide published by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and The Massachusetts Common Core curriculum expectations.

What are the hours for kindergarten?

Hours are 8:35 a.m. - 2:55 p.m.

Is there testing to determine if my child is ready for kindergarten?

 Your child will not be tested to determine if they are “ready” for Kindergarten; however your child will participate in kindergarten screening.  The purpose of the kindergarten screening is not to determine whether or not your child will be admitted to kindergarten but rather how your child's unique needs will be met in the coming school year. This means matching the right teacher, classroom, and program to your child.


Kindergarten screening looks at six primary areas: cognitive skills, listening and sequencing skills, language skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and social/emotional skills.

The kindergarten screening is not a judgment on your parenting skills or your child's school readiness. It is simply the first time (in most cases) that the school district will have to assess your child. Sometimes children with suspected special needs may be flagged at this point. This can be very beneficial as the earlier intervention takes place the easier it may be for your child to stay on the same time table as his or her peers. 

What may I use as proof of residency?
 At registration you will need to provide one item from each column of the chart below to establish your residency in the town of Hudson. If you are renting you may need a Landlord Affidavit completed. Please contact Tiago Duarte at 978-567-6100 ext 41153
 Copy of parent/ guardian identification, Two proofs of residency (1 from each column) from the table below

Column A

Column B

Copy of most recent mortgage statement

Utility Bill (Gas, Oil, Electric, Telephone, Cable, Water)

Copy of current Purchase & Sale Agreement

Electric turn on receipt

Copy of Lease and record of most recent rent payment

Cable Work order

HUD lease or HUD settlement statement

Insurance Bill


Property Tax Bill


Excise Tax Bill


Bank Statement ( dated within the past 60 days)

We just moved to Hudson and the enrollment dates have passed, how do I enroll my child?
  Please call  Tiago DuarteDistrict Registrar at (978)567-6100 ext 41153 to request an appointment to register your child.

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