Kindergarten Full Day

Special Announcement

The April 6, 2016 school committee meeting was historically significant to the community of Hudson.  For the first time in our history the Hudson Public Schools will provide full-day kindergarten free of charge to all of our students. We will no longer be offering a half-day program which fails to meet the developmental and educational needs of our students despite the best efforts of our incredibly talented teachers. Hudson Public Schools will provide equal access to an outstanding public school education for EVERY child. This is a victory for ALL children in Hudson regardless of their financial status, language learner status, or special education status  because all children will have the developmental, social, and educational benefits that access to full-day kindergarten program and talented early childhood educators provides. This would not have been possible without the commitment of the school committee, the support and partnership with the CHAPS early childhood programs, and the amazing administrators and teachers of the Hudson Public Schools. This is another significant step on our journey of providing an excellent education to EVERY child so that he or she can realize his/her full potential and be able to take advantage of any option he/she chooses after graduation. Our students can choose college, career, military service, or a path we cannot yet conceive of because we prepared them well. 



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