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Prek Programs



The preschool programs located at Mulready and Farley Elementary Schools and are designed to provide young children with an exciting program that accelerates learning through "first-hand" experiences. The preschools provide a warm, safe, and encouraging community that promotes confidence, independence and a love of learning. Preschool students are provided opportunities to develop their own individual interests expressed through art, music, language, drama, literacy, science, math, engineering and physical activities. The preschools integrate students with special education needs, and are staffed according to classroom need by a variety of professionals. These classes are linked with the Child Development Program.

The Child Development Program is district wide program that utilizes Applied Behavior Analysis as its primary teaching methodology. The program primarily services students that have a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum. The students are serviced according to their individual needs and receive most itinerant services (such as OT, PT, and Speech and Language) through the teaching methodology of the program. This is purposeful planning to help the students generalize many different personnel and environments. Students are integrated into a general education classroom for inclusion time as it is appropriate for that student.