Teaching & Learning

In partnership with families and community, we will maintain standards of academic excellence, preparing all students to be intellectually curious, academically confident, and successful active citizens in a competitive and global environment. 

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We believe schools, families, and the community working together can provide the best opportunity for our students to be academically successful and contributing citizens. As educators we continually strive to improve our practice and inspire intellectual curiosity in our students. We believe in rigorous academic standards, a challenging curriculum with service learning opportunities for all students, and high expectations for students’ ethical, civic, and social development.  We want to create an environment where adults and children feel safe taking risks. As educators we see ourselves as coaches encouraging and guiding our students to meet their maximum potential.We believe that every educator is an active contributor to a community of learners focused on continuous improvement.  We are an educational community where every student, parent and teacher is valued and celebrated for the unique skills that they demonstrate.We believe successful instruction is student-focused and that it addresses the individual’s unique needs and talents.  We celebrate academic risks and mistakes as learning opportunities.

Our Educational Program


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Students in Hudson will have a guaranteed and rigorous curriculum no matter what school or what teacher they have. Each course, subject area and/or grade level will have clearly identified goals and objectives aligned with state and national standards. Students will have common experiences but teachers will still have the freedom to be responsive to the needs of the students as well as be creative in their presentation of material.


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The district is committed to being a learning organization at both the student and the adult levels. Every teacher is engages in professional learning opportunities that are focused on research-based best practices. The District places a high value on literacy skills across all disciplines and at all levels. 



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The district commitment to be a learning organization requires us to be sure that the students are learning the content and skills that they will need to be intellectually curious, academically confident, and successful in a competitive  global environment. Common assessments will be in place for all courses. These assessments will be given to every student and used to show student academic growth throughout the course. Assessments will be embedded in the curriculum and tied to the identified goals and objectives for the course. In these assessments, we will be calling on our students to synthesize and apply information that they have learned in their class work at a high level.