English/Language Arts Department Mission

While closely reading a rich variety of texts, writing in multiple genres, and speaking and listening with authentic purpose, we stimulate students’ intellectual curiosity while providing rigorous instruction in the literacy skills that citizens need to critically consume information and express and defend their ideas. 

Program Description


All learners have a growth-mindset and understand with time, effort and effective strategies they can work effectively and independently as readers, writer, researchers, speakers, and listeners.

K-4 Literacy Goals:

  • Understand the power of words and images.
  • Read and comprehend a range of increasingly complex literature and informational text.
  • Generate authentic questions and seeks answers from a variety of sources.
  • Communicate ideas in writing for a range of audiences and purposes.
  • Expand their vocabulary and knowledge of conventions in order to learn and convey precise understandings.
  • Communicate ideas through discourse and presentations for a range of audiences and purposes.
  • Develop the habit of reading and writing for enjoyment.

   Middle School

English Language Arts teachers at Quinn Middle School work in conjunction with instructors across all content areas to help students develop their skills as readers, writers, speakers, listeners, and critical thinkers.  

Students study multi-genre units that share content and themes also explored in their Social Studies classes.  

For instance, as fifth graders study the founding of our nation in Social Studies, they develop their research and writing skills in ELA through the production of a biographical essay on an historically significant American.

In grade six, when students are studying ancient and modern Africa in Social Studies, they are reading African folktales and a novel set in 20th century Africa.  

And in their final year at Quinn, students explore the role of the hero in Greek myth while studying ancient Greece.
   High School

High School students continue to strengthen their literacy skills as they develop the sort of independence needed for college and careers beyond Hudson High School.  Course curriculum, as at all levels, is tightly aligned to the common core standards.  Multi-genre units, as in the middle school, are developed with an eye toward exploring themes and essential questions that are shared with Social Studies at each grade level.  

T. Wallingford

Todd Wallingford
Director of ELA and Social Studies

Instructional Resources