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Elementary Summer Reading

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Launching into Summer Reading 2016

Dear Families,

The Hudson Public Elementary Schools and the Hudson Public Library will continue our partnership with a summer reading program that supports collaboration among the schools, library, and families.  This “Launching into Summer Reading” program builds on the work children are doing in the classroom and provides an authentic reading experience for each reader based on their individual reading goals.  The Hudson Public Library program provides all family members with a fun and motivating summer reading program. In addition, the library helps support families in finding the just right book for students during the summer months and is a great location to gather, read, and explore a range of book options. The combination of the two programs will ensure your child meets their reading goals and continues to grow as a reader over the summer.

At the Hudson Public Library (Birth-Grade 6)

The Hudson Public Library’s program provides a fun, interactive approach to summer reading.  We encourage students from birth to 2nd grade to read up to 100 books and for every 10 books they get a prize.  Children grades 3 to 6 will receive a raffle ticket for every 3 hours of reading up to 36 hours. These children will use the raffle tickets for a chance to win one of over 30 prizes.  Throughout the summer, there will be a variety of family friendly programs such as magicians, animals, music, science shows, as well as crafts for children ages 5 to 13.  To celebrate the children’s summer reading accomplishments, the Hudson Public Library will host an End of Summer Reading party at Roller Kingdom. 

In the Elementary Schools (K-3)

Classroom teachers prepare their students for summer reading by teaching focused lessons that help the students create individualized reading goals, as well as develop a plan for reading and meeting their goals over the summer months. During the month of June your child will be bringing home their reading goal, a plan for reading and a personal list of books to read over the summer. In addition, your child will participate in a presentation given by the Hudson Public Library during the school day and grade level teams will provide additional opportunities for the students to prepare for summer reading.

Students Rising to Quinn Middle School (Grade 4)

Students in fourth grade will take part in the same lessons (explained above) as all other elementary students, establishing reading goals and developing a plan for reading over the summer.  Fourth graders, additionally, will choose one book from the Quinn Summer Reading book list and incorporate this book into their summer reading goals. Over the summer students rising to Quinn Middle School should respond in their Reader’s Notebook. At the start of the school year, students will share their Reader’s Notebook with their 5th grade English Language Arts teacher. Early in September at Quinn, students and teachers will form book groups around these titles to discuss and celebrate their summer reading.   Students will receive a copy of this list from their teachers and the list will also be available on the Quinn website.  

All Students

Over the summer, families will receive a phone call once a month to remind everyone to review their goal and progress in summer reading. In August when your child returns from school, he/she will reflect on their reading goal and progress with their new classroom teacher. The reading your child engages in over the summer will assist the new classroom teacher in understanding them as a readers and set the stage for creating a new community of readers in the classroom.

Thank you for supporting your child’s reading growth over the summer months. We appreciate families understanding the importance of summer reading every day for an extended time to encourage a love and enjoyment of books, increase vocabulary and fluency, develop an understanding of different genres, and build an understanding of the world.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Building principals, literacy coaches, reading specialists, and your child’s classroom teachers can also provide additional support to ensure your child’s summer reading experience is a success.

Have a wonderful summer!


Karen Martin                                      Jillian Bennett
Director of Elementary Education        Children’s Librarian
Hudson Public Schools                       Hudson Public Library


Ideas for Summer Reading Success!

Summer Slide

We know that children who don’t read over the summer do lose important reading skills they developed during the school year. In partnership with your child, the Hudson Public Schools, and the Hudson Public Library develop a plan that will work for your family to ensure lots of reading opportunities for your child.

Post- It

Post the reading goals, plans, booklist, and calendars/tracking tools in a prominent place in your home so everyone can see it and be reminded daily.  Other family members may want to develop their own reading goal and plan!

Set up regular check-ins

Set up a regular day and time to talk about the reading goals and progress towards meeting the goal. It is important for children reflect on why or why not they are meeting their goal, and develop a plan to keep on course or how to get back on track.

Talk It Up

Children need to talk about their books! Have book conversations about characters and themes. Compare and contrast books by the same author or with similar themes. Ask genuine questions to help deepen your child’s understanding of the text.

Read Aloud

Reading aloud to your kids may be a great goal for older brothers and sisters, mom, dad, or grandparents over the summer months. No matter the age or skill level, everyone enjoys being read to.


Nooks, kindles, or phones are great ways to read or listen to a book.

Learn Side by Side

Summer is the perfect time to learn together. Are you going to a new location on vacation, are you tackling a summer project at home, or does your child have a particular interest? Use books and multi-media as a tool to read and learn more about a location, topic, or interest.

Let your child read aloud

Summer provides opportunities to be with other family members, neighbors and friends to read to. Your child can read to someone older or younger. Everyone loves to have an audience! No one available? Your child can read to the family dog, cat, or stuffed animal or record their reading.

Set a Good Example

Serve as a role model for your child by setting aside time for your own personal and professional reading. Always have a book or reading material available to take advantage of any “found” time for reading. Share how you choose books and authors.

Mix- It Up

Reading is reading! Your child can read fiction, non-fiction, or poetry. Your child can read menus, comic, advertisements, magazines, the sport page, or travel brochures. Listen to a book during long car trips! Visit the Hudson Public Library or a bookstore to get more reading ideas.