PE, Health & Wellness Department Goal
Consistent with the Hudson Public Schools core values and goals, PE, Health & Wellness teachers provide a comprehensive program to promote health literacy, healthy self-management skills, and physical activity.  The goal is to develop successful active citizens who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of health and wellness. 
(adapted from the National Association of Sports and Physical Education and the Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Standards)  

Every student is empowered for an evidenced-based program for lifelong health and wellness.  Students will continue to demonstrate an understanding of this content and develop health literacy, healthy self-management, and health promotion and advocacy.

Program Description


The physical education program challenges each student to perform to the best of his/her ability under safe conditions.  The focus is on large and small muscle coordination, aerobic conditioning and exercise, movement patterning, skill development, body awareness, team play, and cooperative learning.
   Middle School

Students in grades 5-7 focus on team-building activities, increased skill level, life-long activities, including cardiovascular activities. 
   High School

Our holistic program provides a safe, learning environment that respects the diversity of all individuals.  . . . own wellness and responsibility within the Hudson community.  All students in grades 8-12 take 1 semester of Wellness, which includes PE and Health.

Instructional Resources