Performing Arts Department Goal

Our goal in Performing Arts is for students at all levels to acquire concepts, knowledge, and skills that provide a meaningful experience and breadth of knowledge so that they may apply this experience as building blocks to the arts and to other areas of endeavor as well. Students will be better able to understand and appreciate artistic expression on the basis of that experience and knowledge. 

Program Description


Preschool Music: Students in preschool will have music as their special once a week with Ms. Worrest.

Kindergarden Music: Starting in 2013, students who are in half day kindergarden will receive music for half the year and art for half the year. Full day kindergarden students will receive full music and art classes (40 minutes) every week. 

Grades 1-4 Music: Students will receive one 40 minute music class per week in addition to other specials. We sing, play instruments, improvise, compose and read music in our classes. Grade 3 students study recorder for half a year. 

Band and Chorus: Students in grade 4 may study a band instrument or be in chorus. Band lessons are after school.
   Middle School

Band: Students may participate in band in grades 5-7 and can continue with their instrument from grade 4 or start an instrument at any time. Students in grade 5 or students beginning an instrument for the first time must continue to take lessons outside of the school day. Though outside lessons are not a requirement for students in grades 6 and 7 they are strongly encouraged.
Band meets twice every six days during FLEX block. In keeping with the middle school goal of increased literacy, reading music is a viable form of literacy. Students also receive one "sectional" every six days to develop their literacy and playing skills as applied to band music or supplemental material. 

Jazz band is an auditioned group that meets after school once a week.

Chorus: Middle school chorus is offered during FLEX for grades 5, 6, and 7 twice in the six day rotation The students will sing pop oriented music. Students will gain music literacy through music reading. Being part of a performing ensemble promotes team building and cooperation. Students may start chorus in any grade, but it is encouraged that they start as early as possible because more skills may be acquired the longer students participate.

Drama: Students in grades 5, 6, and 7 will receive drama as part of the rotation of specialized courses (art, drama, technology)  Drama builds confidence, trust, and cooperation in students. There are opportunities during the year for students to become involved in after school productions which may be auditioned for.
   High School

Instrumental Music courses:
Concert Band Grade 8
Concert Band 9-12
Wind Ensemble 10-12
Guitar/Keyboard Workshop

Non-performance Music courses:
Music Theory I 9-12
Music History 9-12

Vocal Music courses:
Chorus 8-12

Drama/Theatre courses:
Drama I 8-12
Drama II 9-12
Advanced Theatre Studies 9-12
Theatre: History, Literature, and Performance 9-12

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Performing Arts courses at Hudson High School provide students with multiple performance opportunities over the course of the year. Performance in these areas build confidence in a cooperative environment. Feedback and critique on performance allow students to reflect on experiences and make adjustments toward improving skills.
Performing Arts Staff

Jason Caron - Hudson High School Band, music, Virtual High School
Melissa Cherry - Quinn Middle School Drama
Michelle Drapeau - Quinn Middle School Band Director 
Kathleen McKenzie - Hudson High School Drama and Theatre
Jeannette McLellan - Hudson High School Choral Director
Andrea Reagan - Forest Avenue music and Choral Director
Christina Strauss - Farley music and Choral Director
Ashley Steinhaus - Mulready music and Choral Director
Sarah Worrest - Hudson Preschool music, Quinn Middle School Choral Director,