Science Department Goal

We will use current science and educational research to challenge students to think critically and develop the problem-solving skills and intellectual curiosity required to be scientifically literate citizens and to be productive contributors to the field of science.

Program Description


All learners have a growth-mindset and understand with time, effort and effective strategies they can work effectively and independently as scientists.

K-4 Science Goals:

  • Understand science is an on-going process of inquiry through questioning and learning.
  • Make predictions based on current knowledge and technology.
  • Build and test models to understand and predict the behavior of a system.
  • Make accurate observations and measurements.
  • Support scientific explanations based on credible evidence.
  • Communicate results of scientific investigations with accuracy and clarity.
   Middle School

Our integrated science curriculum ensures students are exploring all major areas of science each year: Earth & Space, Life, and Physical science. Students will learn science by doing science through laboratory investigations, projects, and use of technology.

5-7 Science Goals: 
(based on NGSS science practices)
  • Develop and revise models to predict more abstract phenomena and design systems.
  • Design scientifically sound experiments with multiple variable, describe relationships between the variables and provide evidence to support explanations.
  • Quantitative analysis of investigations and distinguish between correlation and causation.
  • Engage in scientific arguments based on evidence. This includes supporting or refuting the claims of others.
  • Communicate scientific ideas using appropriate language and evidence.
  • Evaluate the validity and merit of ideas and methods.

 High School

Students will take a minimum of three high school science courses to be college and career ready in science. Our leveled curriculum ensures students learn the content in a way that is developmentally appropriate. our rich elective offerings provide students with the opportunity to explore the many areas of science.

8-12 Science Goals:
(based on NGSS science practices)
  • Formulate, refine, and evaluate empirically testable questions; then plan and carry out investigations to test those questions and provide evidence for models based on them.
  • Use, synthesize, and develop models to predict and show relationships among variables between systems and their components.
  • Use models to generate and analyze data.
  • Construct explanations and design solutions that are supported by multiple sources of evidence.
  • Use appropriate and sufficient evidence to defend and critique claims and explanations about the natural and designed worlds.
  • Evaluate the validity and reliability of claims, methods, and designs of scientific ideas and methods.