Social Studies/Humanities Department Mission

While reading, writing, discussing, and thinking deeply about the past as well as their cultural and physical environment, we instruct students in the development the skills, knowledge, and dispositions necessary for informed and engaged civic lives.

Program Description


All learners have a growth-mindset and understand with time, effort and effective strategies they can work effectively and independently in historians and social scientists.

K-4 History/Social Science Goal:

  • Understand how recurring patterns in history can inform us today.
  • Analyze and resolve conflicts in order to work and live cooperatively with others.
  • Understand how physical and human geography can inform responsible interactions with the environment.
  • Participate actively as an informed citizen in our school and community.
  • Understand how to analyze primary and secondary sources.
  • Learn economic concepts to participate in a global economy.
   Middle School

Quinn Middle School students spend three years sharpening their literacy and historical thinking skills.  Through units of study that share common themes with their studies in English Language Arts, students continually see connections across their courses. The following content is studied in each grade:

Grade Five:
  • United States history from colonization to the founding of the nation
Grade Six
  • Ancient and modern history and culture of Africa and Asia
Grade Seven:
  • Ancient and modern history of Europe and the Americas
   High School

Hudson High School students develop independence as learners through a Social Studies curriculum that shares common themes and essential questions with their grade level English Language Arts classes.  Students develop the literacy skills they need to succeed in college and career.  They also develop the historical thinking skills needed to understand the past in order to make informed, ethical choices.  

Core history courses are required for students in grades eight to eleven. The also department offers a host of high interest electives in which students may enroll as sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  

The 2013-2014 school year is marked by the transition to a new course of studies, one that will fully integrate instruction in US and World History. This program will be fully rolled out in 2015-2016.  In this first year of transition, our program of studies is as follows:

Grade Eight:
  • The history of World regions from around 500 to the dawn of the American Revolution
Grade Nine:
  • U.S. Government and Facing History and Ourselves
Grade Ten
  • United States and World history from the Age of Revolutions through the 1900's
Grade Eleven
  • United States history, from after the Civil War to today 

T. Wallingford

Todd Wallingford
Director of ELA and Social Studies

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