Visual Arts Department Goal

The Art Department goal is to use 21st Century Learning Skills to advance all of our students in art and in life. 

The 4 C's
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

Program Description


Students in the elementary art classes explore a variety of materials and media,create both 2D and 3D artwork,become familiar with art terms, and learn how to handle tools safety. 

Exploration of color, lines, shapes, textures, patterns,
symmetry, and composition will be emphasized.Through the use of observation, expression, abstraction and invention the students will experiment. 

Students will also be introduced to artist,illustrators,and artistic styles from various time periods and cultures, which will connect with their own lessons. Literacy will be incorporated with every lesson. Integration and Writers Workshop are programs integrated in our art classes. 
   Middle School

The visual Arts Department at the Quinn Middle School includes the traditional fine arts. The students learn drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and design following the learning standards of the K-12 MA Arts Curriculum Standards Frameworks and National Standards.

The 5th,6th,and 7th grades art classes are project based curriculum that integrates and collaborates with other subject areas.The curriculum uses art history to teach students different cultures,time periods, and artists' styles of work. the Art Department is an inclusionary program where students interact together and create awareness, understanding and respect.
   High School

The Visual Arts program at HHS follows the National State standards for Visual Arts.These standards provide a framework for helping students learn the characteristics of the visual arts by using a wide range of matters, symbols, meaningful, visual 
expressions, to reflect their ideas, feeling,and to evaluate the merits, of their efforts. The standards address these objectives in ways that promote acquisition and fluency in new ways of thinking, working, communication, reasoning, and investigating. They emphasize student acquisition of the important and enduring ideas, concepts, issues, dilemmas, knowledge and skills in the Visual Arts.

The Visual Arts program is extremely rich with a vast range of mediums from drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery, photography,and graphics. The Visual Arts program is committed to project based learning exhibiting competence in literacy and 21st Century learning.

Diane Hoff

Diane Hoff
Subject Area Leader of Visual Arts

Instructional Resources