Document: School Committee Subcommittee and Other School Committee Representation

School Committee Assignments

Chairperson:  Steve Smith
Vice-Chairperson:  Molly MacKenzie
Secretary:  Mark Terra-Salomão


  1. Budget - All Committee Members
  2. Policy - Chair: Molly MacKenzie, Erica Ankstitus, Mark Terra-Salomão
  3. Strategic Goals - Chair: Steve Smith, Steve Sharek, Chris Yates
  4. Superintendent's Evaluation - Chair: Steve Sharek, Molly MacKenzie, Chris Monsini
  5. Buildings and Grounds - Chair: Chris Yates, Chris Monsini, Mark Terra-Salomão
  6. Student Advisory Committee: Chair: Molly MacKenzie, Steve Smith, Chris Yates
Negotiation Teams:
  1. Teachers - Erica Ankstitus, Molly MacKenzie, Steve Sharek
  2. Paraeducators - Chris Monsini, Steve Smith, Chris Yates
  3. Secretaries - Steve Sharek, Steve Smith, Mark Terra-Salomão
  4. Custodians - Erica Ankstitus, Chris Monsini, Chris Yates
School Councils:
  1. Hudson High School - Mark Terra-Salomão
  2. Quinn Middle School - Chris Monsini
  3. Farley - Molly MacKenzie
  4. Forest Avenue - Steve Smith
  5. Mulready - Erica Ankstitus
Other Responsibilities:
  1. Teacher Sick Bank: Erica Ankstitus, Steve Sharek, Steve Smith
  2. Payroll/Warrants:  Steve Smith
  3. Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) Liaison:  Steve Smith (lead), Chris Yates
  4. English Learners Parent Advisory Council (ELPAC) Liaison: Mark Terra-Salomão (lead), Molly MacKenzie