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Delivering World-Class Education Today for the Global Leaders of Tomorrow

Our Values

We create a culture of:


We work with integrity and hold ourselves accountable for exemplary service, outcomes, and interactions.

Strong Relationships

We build a strong sense of community based on clear communication and partnerships.

Educating the Whole Child

We recognize students as unique individuals and frame decisions with all students in mind.


Every student feels nurtured, challenged, and confident to embrace the future.

Are the foundation of the...

Theory of Action

If all Hudson Public Schools personnel work collaboratively to educate the whole child, then all students will succeed and become productive citizens.

Which leads to the development of the...

Strategic Objectives

1. High Quality Instructional Practices

Build capacity at all District levels to ensure that every educator and administrator are utilizing high-leverage practices to support outstanding teaching and learning experiences for ALL students, every day.

2. Educating the Whole Child

Provide rigorous, inclusive academic and social emotional learning experiences to ensure ALL students succeed academically.

3. Innovative Educational Practices

Ensure that ALL students are exposed and engaged in innovative and challenging academic courses and programs.

4. Climate and Culture

Develop a culture that promotes equity, eliminates opportunity gaps, and empowers students and adults to build strong relationships, psychological safety, and mutual accountability.

Which will be achieved by the...

Strategic Priorities

High Quality Instructional Practices

1.1 Build capacity through a reflective cycle of inquiry.

1.2 Build experiences that demonstrate diverse student-centered instructional practices.

1.3 Increase the effective use of data.

Educating the Whole Child

2.1 Establish a social - emotional curriculum to ensure a positive learning community at each school.

2.2 Provide academic pathways K-12 that ensure rigorous learning experiences for all students.

2.3 Implement the District's MTSS Framework to support the academic success of all students.

Innovative Educational Practices

3.1 Define and expand K-12 Pathways.

3.2 Expand availability of District-wide 1:1 technology.

3.3 Engage in a cycle of curriculum refinement.

Climate and Culture

4.1 Build a strong community among all stakeholders.

4.2 Ensure an environment where students engage in age-appropriate social emotional learning.

4.3 Strengthen the effectiveness of the district leadership team.

For which you set...


High Quality Instructional Practices

By 2021, 100% of our students will show growth on state standardized tests with at least 75% of all students meeting or exceeding expectations.

Educating the Whole Child

By 2021, 100% of our teaching and support personnel will be trained in age-appropriate social-emotional practices to support all students.

Innovative Educational Practices

By 2021, 100% of our curriculum will be refined and expanded to include innovative pathways integrated with digital learning.

Climate and Culture

By 2021, using the results of survey data, the district will increase the stakeholders' (students, parents, staff) positive responses for school climate and culture by 20%.

Spanish class students working in groups

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