The World Languages Department creates an academic environment that encourages cooperative learning, risk-taking, and higher-order thinking. The World Languages Department at Hudson Public Schools will help all students to:

  • develop communication skills that will enable them to use a foreign language in real life context;
  • develop literacy skills in a language other than English that are applicable to English learning;
  • use the target language to further their knowledge of other disciplines;
  • develop a deep understanding of the connections among the cultural products, practices and perspectives of the communities of speakers of the target language;
  • be culturally proficient, recognizing cultural biases and stereotypes;
  • develop an understanding of the relationships between language and culture;
  • further the knowledge of their own culture and language by comparing them to the target cultures and language;
  • access information from points of view only available through the target language;
  • meet college and career expectations in a competitive and global environment.

Program Description

Ana Pimentel

Ana Pimentel
Director of World Language

Instructional Resources

MA Foreign Language Curriculum Frameworks