Hudson Public Schools
PreSchool Information
Tanya O'Connell - Assistant Director of Student Services/Preschool Coordinator  ([email protected]) 978-567-6100 x-42136
Residents of the Town of Hudson with questions about preschool opportunities can contact Renee Graca @ (978) 567-6100 x42118 or [email protected]

We recognize that young children grow and learn at their own rate in a safe, nurturing, developmentally appropriate environment.  Our preschool programs provide opportunities for socialization, creative activities, and emotional, physical and cognitive development. Constructive play activities that are child-initiated and teacher-facilitated are the primary vehicles of meaningful learning experiences.  Through a classroom that promotes the development of positive personal relationships and utilizes a variety of hands-on experiences, children gain confidence in their ability to explore, question, discover, solve problems, integrate knowledge, think critically and take risks.

Children with suspected disabilities are referred for an evaluation to determine eligibility for preschool services through the Office of Student Services. Evaluation requests come from a variety of sources, including but not limited to parents, community based preschools, State of Massachusetts Early Intervention Program, and local pediatricians. 


For information about the Hubert School Preschool program contact Christina Shea, 978-567-6130 x-112