Each year  students in grades 6-8 and 9-12 at Hudson High School and Quinn Middle School completed the MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey (MWAHS). The MWAHS, an anonymous and voluntary survey and is administered to students in 25 neighboring communities. The purpose of the MWAHS, which is administered every two years by the Educational Development Center with funding from the MetroWest Health Foundation, is to learn about adolescents'attitudes and behaviors with regard to a variety of health issues in order to help school communities provide the best possible health education and related services to students. Questions on the survey covered many topics including alcohol, tobacco and other drug use; violence and safety; nutrition and physical activity; sexual behaviors (grades 9-12 only); and mental health. Parents are notified ahead of time about the survey, and are given the opportunity to look at the survey in order to decide whether they wanted their children to participate. Approximately 88-93% of Hudson students usually complete the survey and a summary of the findings are found here. Hudson's results and how we compared to all the participating school districts in the region can be found in the documents listed below.