A la carte items, including snacks, that are not part of the meal are not being sold this year due to covid restrictions to minimize close contact.   All meals are free this school year.

  • Nutrition Information for ice cream that is sold in the district is located under Food Service Documents 

  • Nutritional Information for all snacks served in schools is on the approved 'A LIST' and it can be found by clicking:  A LIST.

USDA Info on: Smart Snacks
Smart Snacks Offered at all Elementary Schools

 Motts Fruit Gummies           Rice Krispies Treats/Whole Grain  Nature Valley Granola Bars/Assorted
 Whole Hand Fruit      Chex Mix  Kelloggs Nutrigrain Bars/Blueberry
 Rold Gold Pretzel Twists  Goldfish Pretzels/Whole Grain  Keebler Animal Crackers/Whole Grain
 Cheezits/Whole Grain  Reduced Fat Baked Doritos  Reduced Fat Baked Lays
 Cracker Goldfish/Whole Grain  Keebler Graham Cracker/Honey  Keebler Graham Scooby Cinnamon Stick Crackers
 Ocean Spray Strawberry Craisins  Raisins/Seedless  Kelloggs Poptarts/Whole Grain