The district has partnered with Securranty to offer parents an opportunity to purchase OPTIONAL insurance coverage to protect their child's district issued Chromebook. 

Each Chromebook is leased through Dell with one (1) accidental coverage per year.  However, we have been finding that many students in grades 5-12 have had multiple damages per year and these are not covered by Dell. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to pay for damage that is not covered under Dell's policy.   The district only charges parents for the cost of the parts.  Many times the cost of the parts are expensive (i.e. replacement of a touch screen is approximately $123). Dell is now requiring pictures of every damage and have begun to deny repairs.

You are being offered "The Everything Plan" which will cover extended warranty issues, accidental damage, lost, theft, and standard perils.   Once your child has used Dell's accidental coverage, the district will then file a claim on your behalf if you have purchased the optional insurance.  The cost of the optional insurance coverage is $27/year.  Insurance must be purchased within 30 days of the start of the insurance program and before any failure, damage or loss occurs to the device.  Previous damage to the device will not be covered before your insurance start date.  For more information, please view the informational brochure.