• Nutrition Information for ice cream that is sold in the district is located below under Food Service Documents 

  • Nutritional Information for all snacks served in schools is on the approved 'A LIST' and it can be found by clicking:  A LIST.

  • You can put money on your student's account starting:  August 23, 2020

  • We offer a variety of snack options for our students at all schools.  Those items include, but are not limited to, granola bars, various baked chips, fruit gummies, etc.  Other A la carte items include milk, juice, water and extra entrees.  If you do not want your child to purchase any snack or a la carte items, please email your request to Shane Rioradan at sfriordan@hudson.k12.ma.us A note will be put on your child's account.

USDA Info on: Smart Snacks
Smart Snacks Offered at all Elementary Schools

 Motts Fruit Gummies           Rice Krispies Treats/Whole Grain  Nature Valley Granola Bars/Assorted
 Whole Hand Fruit      Chex Mix  Kelloggs Nutrigrain Bars/Blueberry
 Rold Gold Pretzel Twists  Goldfish Pretzels/Whole Grain  Keebler Animal Crackers/Whole Grain
 Cheezits/Whole Grain  Reduced Fat Baked Doritos  Reduced Fat Baked Lays
 Cracker Goldfish/Whole Grain  Keebler Graham Cracker/Honey  Keebler Graham Scooby Cinnamon Stick Crackers
 Ocean Spray Strawberry Craisins  Raisins/Seedless  Kelloggs Poptarts/Whole Grain