Dear Hudson Families,


I wanted to remind you of our procedures for school cancellations or delays. When winter weather is in the forecast, I will work closely with the Director of Public Works and the school department’s Director of Facilities to determine if it is safe to open schools. While students understandably enjoy an occasional snow day, it is my goal to avoid closing schools if it is safe to do so. That said, if it becomes necessary to close schools or delay the opening of schools, I do everything in my power to notify families and staff the evening before so that people can make necessary childcare arrangements. There are times, however, when the forecast is uncertain, making it necessary for me to communicate early in the morning. School closure or delay announcements will be communicated in the following ways:

  • Phone call, email, and or text message through School Messenger
  • Website posting (
  • Social media posting (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Local television stations


All delays will be for 2-hours. When a delay is called, the school day will begin exactly 2-hours later than normal:


Elementary Schools:

Regular Start Time 8:35am

2-Hour Delay Start Time 10:35am


Middle School:

Regular Start Time 7:47am

2-Hour Delay Start Time 9:47am


High School:

Regular Start Time 7:30am

2-Hour Delay Start Time 9:30am


School buses will be at morning stops approximately 2-hours later than normal and morning Pre-K programs will be canceled when there is a delayed opening. We try to avoid early dismissals, however there may be circumstances where an early dismissal may need to be considered. Every effort will be made to communicate early dismissal decisions the night before. If your child participates in CHAPS programming, you will receive a separate notification from CHAPS regarding weather-related adjustments.



Brian K. Reagan, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools