The NEW IEP Process Effective August 26, 2024

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) developed a brand new design for the IEP.  All districts need to implement the New IEP format in the 2024-2025 school year.  This new IEP is more student and family friendly. 

It is important to note only the format of the IEP is changing.  The state and federal regulations are NOT changing!!

Dr. Allan Blume, Educational Consultant for Hudson, provided training for our Student Services providers.   Dr. Blume created a 12 part series of short videos explaining the process change designed for parents, general educators and Student Services providers.  The videos are intended for you to watch at your leisure.  

Please note that the videos  have been provided per our contract with Dr. Allan Blume and the following restrictions are in place:
  • The videos cannot be copied, distributed, sold or provided to 3rd parties outside of the district.
  • They cannot be uploaded to public or external servers or distributed via platforms or any public exhibition.
  • The videos cannot be altered, modified, or edited in any way without the prior written consent of Allan Blume.
  • The videos can be posted to the district’s Student Services website.

The Intended Audience for all videos are Parents, General Educators of all areas, and Student Service Providers.

Thank you.